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A weblog: Perplexing the Guides

By the Waters of Naturalism is online, full text

Elementary Monotheism is available online, full text:

I. Exposure, Limitation, and Need
and II. Action and Language in Historical Religion

Some basic Bible stuff

The Action Book:

An approach to action starting from narrative
rather than from the idea of will- or intention-initiated motions.

Recent Books:

The Bible book (2008), In the Beginning, Exodus: The Bible Then and Now

The Evolution book (2006): Where, Now, O Biologists, Is Your Theory? Intelligent Design as Naturalism By Other Means

Older Books:

More Publications

The web-page for the Pacific Coast Theological Society can be reached at; some links to its entries are duplicated in pages within.

And now for something completely different:

Planetary Position software, calendar software,

and current planetary positions

Philosophy Quiz

Curriculum Vitae